We use our phones anywhere & everywhere. Our phones accompany us while eating lunch & even when we visit the restroom. Do you think our phones are clean? Think again! On a day to day basis, we come across different people and different things. We end up touching dirty things and then use our phones.  Did you know that there are 25,000 germs in every square inch of the average cell phone? That’s probably about 18 times higher than the number of germs in a public toilet. Tiny insects also crawl into the charging ports & headphone jacks. That isn’t creepy at all! Even while doing a simple task like applying nail polish and then touching a phone can transfer germs. I travel quite a lot. While travelling, it’s easier for phones to get dirty. If you’re going camping, it’s much worse. Think about a long day of trekking around the hills & then going for lunch. Yes, you will wash your hands but then again you will be touching your phone to send a text message while having lunch. Dirty phones is equal to dirty hands again. Germs can be anywhere & everywhere!


Warmth breeds Bacteria. Phones are warm and this increases in the growth of Bacteria.  Bacteria can live on your phone for up to a week.


Among the products marketed just to clean mobile phones, some are known to cause damage to the phone’s screen coating, and some often fail to remove all the germs. There are also UV light cleaners that disinfect your phone’s surface. But unfortunately, they aren’t easily available, and are more than a little expensive. So, one of the easiest, most readily available, and most effective ways to clean your phone is by washing it with water. Not to mention, it’s practically free! Wait! Before you wash your phone! Go visit dirtyphones.org – A site for information and awareness about the same.