How have you guys been? I feel like it’s been a long time since i sat down to write a blog post. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you might be aware that i was in Chandigarh last weekend with ‘The Lalit hotel’. I landed in Mumbai yesterday and couldn’t wait to share all about my trip with y’all.

As soon as i landed in Chandigarh, i was welcomed by the airport associate from The Lalit hotel  on time. Once i entered the hotel, i was welcomed by their team & was handed over a huge bouquet of roses. How did they know i love roses?

I was immediately shown my room. One of the first things i noticed that the room had a beautiful view. Personally, the view plays an important role for me because that’s the first thing i look at, the moment i wake up. My room was spacious with all amenities. The second thing i noticed was everyone in the hotel greeted by saying ‘Namaskar’ instead of a hello. From the security guard to the chefs, every single person greeted each other by saying ‘Namaskar’. When was the last time we said it? I got so used to it that i even i ended up saying the same.

The food & the service was always on point. Both the head chefs, Mr.Vijay Thapliyal & Mr.Jassi, personally came to our table & spoke to us about the dishes. They went out of their way to explain about every dish. I think that’s really important as the guests should feel at home. Other than that, Harjit, Neha, Rohit &  Shivani from the Lalit team took care of us quite well.


We visited ‘Baluchi’, which is one of the restaurants in The Lalit Chandigarh where you can find traditional Indian food. They start off with a welcome drink called the ‘Somras’ (Sugarcane juice). This juice tastes extremely sweet. When asked whether they use artificial sweetners, i was told it was completely natural. I indulged in almost 5 glasses of this refreshing drink.

One of the most important dishes at Baluchi are their Naans/Breads. Naanery is a unique concept started by Baluchi which is a bread bar serving traditional Indian breads made in Iron tandoor. They provide 4 different types of naans/breads that can be accompanied with 4 freshly made dips/chutneys. The breads can also be paired with wine. Other than that, their signature dishes include Paan ki Biryani, Dal Baluchi & Paan kulfi.  The Dal Baluchi tasted like heaven because it included a lot of butter. That proves why i felt so sleepy after eating it!


Being one of the biggest spas in Chandigarh, The Rejuve Spa has a number of rooms that offer different types of massages.  They also have a salon. I was supposed to get a massage but was running late. Hence, i decided to get a quick blow dry done. The stylist did a great job & blow dried by big wavy hair straight.


As the name suggests, this restaurant is open 24/7. From main course to special requests, you can order anything from this restaurant even if it is 2.00 am in the morning. This is a plus because for people who work late in the night or have sudden food cravings, a delicious meal is just a phone call away. Their ‘Sunday brunch’ is one of the highlights as you get a variety of dishes. From continental to Asian, the dishes are spread across the restaurant. When i was at the restaurant, it was Easter time. So they had carrot cakes, Easter eggs & lots of pretty Macarons in the dessert counter. Their salad bar was overflowing with delicious greens as well.

Lastly, i loved that everyone at the hotel were kind & welcoming. Also, the decor of the hotel was phenomenal.  Overall, My trip to Chandigarh was wonderful, thanks to the Lalit team!

As much as i wanted to stay longer, i had to get back home to take care of work. I will be serving you guys with more delicious information about my trip in the upcoming articles.

More about The Lalit HERE

Photography: ThoughtonCamera

Creative direction & Editing: Gia Kashyap




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