This isn’t a blog post talking about my outfit. This is just a little something that i wanted to share with you guys. It’s been so long since i sat down & typed my heart out.  You guys are just not a notification or  little icons on social media but real people. The best part about this is that i get to meet you guys. I am aware that it takes a lot of courage to come up & say hello. I want to meet all of you at once, is that even possible? (Let’s hope that happens someday!).  I have never organized a meetup but the funny part is, whenever i go out, it feels like a meetup by itself. I bump into so many of you guys. It feels so much more natural!

The start of the year has been full of ups & downs. If you read my post on Instagram about Chloe, you might know what i am talking about. I traveled to Jaipur after a few days to get away from it but it was difficult to just put a smile on my face & go on with life. However, this has made me stronger. Always learn from your experiences because it makes you more immune to problems that might arise in the future.

Where can you find me?

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