turned 4 recently & am i happy or what! It’s been one long journey & i have enjoyed every bit of it.

A few weeks back, i had asked you guys to post queries related to Fashion, Blogging or Makeup on my Instagram page. As many of you asked me about Blogging i thought of dedicating an entire post to it.

Here are the questions i received on Instagram related to Blogging:

Who was your inspiration?

In 2010, i started off on Youtube. You may not find my older videos (because i accidentally deleted them). As not a lot of Indian youtubers were into vlogging back then, i switched to blogging, I was one of the first few youtubers along with a couple of more beauty gurus from India. I switched to blogging in December 2010. My inspiration would definitely be the youtube community. Also, this was one way through which i could share my love for photography & art with the world.

How did you start your blog?

One fine day, i registered on blogger and started off with it. Did i own high-tech equipments ? No. Did i have anyone helping me out? No. Did anyone actually know about it? No. Because i kept it a secret from my friends for a year as i was too shy to talk about it. Again, it was 2010 & posting videos/photos of yourself (OOTDs) was quite strange for some. I used to use a Canon’s Digi cam. As i was juggling both college, an internship and blogging, it did get a little difficult. However, i tried to be as consistent as possible.

What preparations did you do before blogging?

I made a logo, my website’s layout & that’s about it! Honestly, i did go with the flow. I had no set plans.

What did you study?

I graduated in Mass Media & specialized in Journalism.

Does blogging help you earn?

Blogging with the main intention of making a living out of it isn’t the best way to start. If you love something and work passionately towards it, things will automatically fall in place. When i started blogging, i had no intention of earning through it as it was just a hobby. It does help you earn if you have a vast number of audience & if you post quality content.

How did your blog become successful?

The term ‘Success’ is subjective. I have always believed that each individual is unique in his/her own way & should carve their own path to success. There are no set rules! It’s always nice to be inspired by someone. However, why follow directions when you can make your very own route to success!

When i started blogging, i never realized that i would end up doing it full time. It took a lot of time & effort to reach here as nothing in life is easy. You have to be dedicated in what you do and should not let anyone put you down. Other than hardwork, smart work plays an important role. Whenever i publish an article, i think from the reader’s perspective. Being a perfectionist, i make sure that the creatives are made well. Blogging is a great platform to share what you know with the world & in exchange you get to learn a lot from the people who read your blog.

Who designs your blog posts?

Being a graphic designer comes in handy while blogging. One of the main reasons why i started the blog is because this is one way i could portray my love for art & photography.

Who clicks your photos?

I work with a number of photographers. Always mention their name in the post. Product photos are clicked by me.

How frequently should one post on the blog?

It totally depends on you. Always choose quality over quantity because your reader would rather read a good post or view good images than just something that’s posted for the sake of filling space.


{Because nobody told me about it when i started one} 


Before starting a blog , know what you’re getting into.

Ask yourself these questions:

Are you a food blogger or are you going to blog about lifestyle in general? How many categories will you have on your blog? How often can you blog? &  so on


Are your target audience women in their late 40s OR are you targeting men who are into gadgets?

Defining your target audience is a great way to analyse the content you will be posting on the blog.


Don’t be a dead meat! A little sarcasm here & there won’t hurt anybody. Make an article interesting by adding some interesting facts from your life.


When i started blogging, i didn’t invest in a good camera. However, if you own a DSLR & a good lens, that should be it. If you’re on a budget, you can start off with a basic digi cam or even a good mobile phone camera should work.


A blog is a publication created by you. Remember to create an appealing logo for your brand. The logo should define your brand as it’s the identity of the entire blog. The design of the blog should be professional. Also, make sure that you add your email id & other social media links on the blog so that brands can get in touch with you.


Never forget to communicate with your readers. Exchanging useful information can be beneficial for both parties.  It’s about creating a strong bond with the people who have been reading your blog since the beginning.


If you’re 16 or 40, age is just a number and you can always start a blog anytime you want. I was in my teens when i started & now being in my early 20s, things haven’t changed much.


Be consistent with your blogposts. It’s not necessary to blog every day. However, blogging just once per month isn’t the best idea!


It’s not about how many times you blog per week or how many brands you collaborate with, it’s about what you blog about. Always choose to write good content over blog posts used to just fill up space. I have rejected more brand collaborations than the number of brands i have worked with overall in the past year. Every brand you collaborate with should suit your blog’s personality & your reader’s interest. Being a sell out is the last thing you would want to do!

Feel free to post your questions under any image on my Instagram page & i will get back to you!