2014 has been a life-changing year. Every year, i decide to improve a part of me. This year, i decided to get out of my ‘Comfort Zone’. I did things that i wouldn’t normally do/was afraid of doing . Even the smallest effort to get out of your comfort zone will help you grow as a person. It’s okay to make mistakes as you learn from them!


For 2015, my plan is slightly different & you will notice as it happens.  I have learnt to always start small! Say you want to start eating healthy, try to include one healthy habit for a month instead of bombarding yourself with 10 different things. A small habit turns into a lifestyle. It will become a part of you & you wont even realize it!

Many of you have asked me where i answer queries. Instagram seems to be the easiest way to reply to your questions. I love chatting with you guys! So, drop me a message under any image on Instagram & i will get back you!

What are your plans for this year?