This is a much awaited post that was saved in my drafts forever. When i visited Bangkok, my main aim was to live like the locals & experience the culture. For a change, i didn’t go on a vacation just to shop. However, before leaving, i did set a shopping budget & didn’t cross the limit (*High five*).

Though i had access to a number of designer labels in Bangkok that aren’t widely available in India, i couldn’t get myself to splurge. I was looking for something more affordable. The street shops at Pratunam/Indira market & the bustling lanes in Platinum mall did satisfy my hunger for clothing. Mind you, Platinum mall is a dangerous place to be!


Here are some of my favourite places to shop in Bangkok:

1. Platinum Fashion Mall

Platinum Fashion mall was a 5 minute walk away from where we stayed. This mall is huge and it will take you an entire day to cover it. It’s divided into 3 sections and covering each section takes about 3-4 hours. There are a number of hidden gems here. For example: A store called “Walk with Grandam” stocks up on casual blouses & breathtaking partywear. There is also plus size clothing available on the top floor of the mall (You can read more about it HERE). On the ground floor, there is a store dedicated to denim. From teeny-tiny shorts to distressed boyfriend jeans, they stock up on everything.  Don’t forget to indulge in some delicious chocolate crepe on the lower ground floor.



2. Pratunam / Indira market

Think Fashion street /Sarojini nagar but in Bangkok.  Pratunam market has more than 4000 + stalls packed in tiny lanes selling fashionable clothing & accessories . The more you buy, the cheaper it gets.

bangkok-shopping 5

3. Chatuchak weekend market

Chatuchak weekend market has a charm of it’s own! We took the skytrain & reached Chatuchak in 20 minutes. The place was packed with tourists. From stalls selling vintage clothing to pets, Chatuchak has it all! The best part about this market is the street food.  After a tiring day on the streets, I treated myself with Coconut icecream & chocolate popsicle with rainbow sprinkles.



Inside scoops:

– Always carry a bottle of water while shopping. It’s hot & humid in Bangkok + you would be walking for hours.

– Wear a hat/cap or cover your head with a scarf if you’re going street shopping

– Wear loose cotton clothes & comfortable shoes.

– Relieve yourself before hitting the streets. It’s a little difficult to find toilets in & around Chatuchak/Pratunam market.

– Buy a three wheeled shopping trolley (which costs around 250-300 Baht) that you can slide along with you while shopping. Carrying multiple bags is a hassle.

– Carry cash. Avoid using cards.


Hope this article helped you!

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