9 fashionable finds from Hill road, Bandra :

  1. Anchor Knotted Shirt

A knotted shirt is among the must haves in the wardrobe! Team it up with a white jeans to look flawless.

Rs. 250


2.Floral Dress

Flowers bring in cheerfulness and so does this floral dress.

Rs. 350


3.Owl ring

Bling Bling Owl ring! This owl ring is a sure shot attention seeker.

Rs. 150


4.Pointy Neon Ballerinas

If you’re a big girl, these shoes are made for you! Comfortable and chic, pair them up on your little black dress and watch the magic!

Rs. 150


 5.Neon Neckpiece

If you’re the one who follows fashion, you know you’ve gotta have a neon neckpiece to pair up with your shirt!

Rs. 250 each


 6.Moustache Scarf

Rising in popularity is the styling of attire with a scarf!

Rs. 80 each (Rs. 75 if you buy two or above 😉 )


7.Hemming Shorts

A day out on a beach or a bowling get-together, hemming shorts are a big YES!

Rs. 100 each


8.Military Print – high Low Shirt

This shirt is a perfect fit for the tough girl inside you!

Rs. 250


9.Polka dot high low shirt

Cute and peppy to see, ultra comfortable to wear and chic to carry! These shirts are available in all sizes!

Rs. 250 each