Many of us have been a victim of Jealousy. Jealousy has been one of the main evils in the society that affects 8 out of 10 women & men every day .

As a child , i used to be jealous of my classmate who always ended up  getting better grades than me . Instead of dealing with my emotions , i started hating him . I made sure that i ignored him and competed with him in every way possible.

Now as a 22 yr old adult, i have grown up to deal with these emotions . It’s difficult to accept that you’re jealous . At times , you might convince yourself that you’re not jealous & that you just hate the other person because he seems to be be too ‘self-absorbed’

Jealous of your friend with model-esque features OR  someone who is more successful ? Yes , you have every right to be jealous but dealing with these emotions in time will help to inculcate positivity that will change your life for good  . Use these negative emotions to improve yourself. If you feel that a person is more successful than you , work harder . If you keep comparing yourself to your idol and wish to lose weight , workout more. Hatred is a form of jealousy. Try giving it a positive spin!

Being Jealous seldom makes the other person any less prettier / successful / intelligent / (other adjectives) than you  . Why not work on yourself?

The one and only solution to jealousy is acceptance . Accepting your emotions and dealing with it. Don’t thrive on negativity!

Instead of being jealous , channelize those emotions and use them in turning yourself into a better person .