Ever thought about customizing your bag? Well..i did! However , it was quite a task to find a good website that made customized bags & shoes in India .

What is Toteteca?
 Toteteca makes customized bags. You choose the shape , the colours , length of the straps and create something that you have always wanted.
Of course it comes with a cost , a reasonable one { Between Rs.900 to Rs.3000} . 

How did i place my order?
– I first clicked on the Product section and chose the shape.
–  You will be presented with a number of colours / textures that you can choose from
– If you are a little unsure about the colour , go through the Materials section which has swatches of all the colours under natural light.
– You can also go through the SHARES / GALLERY section for some inspiration.
– It takes about 3-10 days for them to create and dispatch the order.
  – They have Cash on delivery service available as well , which is a plus!
As summer is here, 
I chose a beautiful Turquoise colour with denim blue handle and trims.
If you’re like me and love carrying your life around in your bag ,
try to choose a slightly bigger one.
If would like to place an order for a similar bag like mine ,
Here’s how you could do it :
-Choose the Medium satchel
-Select the body colour as Turquoise and trims as denim blue
-Gold metalwork
-Cranberry Lining

Toteteca helps you to design your dream bag at a reasonable cost which is new concept in India.
Once you’re done creating your bag , share it on the website so that they can help you / suggest some changes .  It would be nice if they could introduce some more options like printed fabrics .
 However , i am quite satisfied with my bag and would definitely recommend it to those who have a tough time choosing a perfect bag under a budget .
Here’s a link to their website  : http://toteteca.com

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