This is a DIY tutorial for lazy human beings . I have been using this method for a year now and it’s a blessing! 
What you will need:
– Sponge
-Nail polish remover / Acetone
– Plastic container
How to go about it?
–  Roll the sponge & stuff it into the container.
– Pour the  acetone/nail polish remover in between the gap
– Put your finger in between the gap of the sponge , move it a bit and remove it.

And…You just successfully removed the nail paint off your fingers!

Winner of the 2 yr anniversary contest:
Thank you for participating! I read each and every comment . 
 As i didn’t want to be partial towards certain people / comments , 
i used the website to select one of the comments.
The Lucky winners are….
Kanica Khowal ( Peach sorbet necklace) &  Reema ( Rs.2000 gift voucher from
Please contact with your postal address & number.
Again , thank you for participating everyone! It really meant a lot 🙂 
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