Initially ,I was quite skeptical about starting a fashion blog . Not being a Size “Small” & not wearing  6 inch heels on a day to day basis were one of the two things that made me not start a blog. There weren’t a lot of blogs in India when i started off. I used to make youtube videos and i guess i was one of the 3 youtubers from india who spoke about fashion & beauty on youtube? ( i have deleted my older videos) As you guys might know,i switched to blogging as it’s more comfortable.
Back to the topic, the entire issue of not being a size “small” and when most of the people around me were stick thin bothered me.  Then i realised that it’s seriously silly to over think about what others see you as.Some people might hate you for no apparent reason while others might like you for no reason as well. We get judged by each and every other person on a day to day basis . So it’s better to just do what you want to do as people are going to judge you anyway. So the entire point of this little annoying write-up is that, do what you want to do. People have been called names in the past,some people might even bully you or hate you for no apparent reason. But remember that every time you face a problem or someone hurts you, it makes you stronger no? 
(No,i am not  an  over-positive unicorn who talks about rainbows and farts butterflies)
I know i do not share a lot about life and other such thoughts but just thought of sharing.(I feel so old and wise * cough*)

About the outfit:

The weather in Mumbai has been horrible. The heat is intolerable . I didn’t expect it to be this warm.So now  of course i will have to dress up accordingly. I am going to be wearing maxi dresses, skirts and oversized shirts this summer.
-You have no idea how comfortable this shirt is . It’s an oversized drop back shirt with a tie-up bow.
-it’s so tough to make an outfit look “Effortless”.It takes more time to make it look effortless ,really.
-Jeggings , Amen!
-You can also wear such tie up bow shirts with oxfords.

(Oversized tie up bow shirt – God made me funky , Gold chunky chain necklace- Custom made, Jeggings- shoppers stop , Wedges- Hill road Bandra, Ring- Colaba  )

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