I never realised that thinner women had problems with their body.I always thought that they had no issues with their figure and were content with what they have until i met a friend of mine who was cribbing about how shapeless her body felt.She felt that her body had no curves and found it unattractive. A number of women who have smaller frames opt for padded bras and a few of them also wear pads to enhance their bum.I honestly felt that her body is extremely beautiful (Not in a perverted way,Of course!) but it’s just that she needs to change the way she dresses up. So here are some tips i gave her to get started:


– Do not opt for oversized clothes.

By oversized i mean, clothes that are 5 times bigger than you.
– Colour blocking works for your body type. Divide and rule! A bright orange crop top with skinny jeans or shirts that accentuate a part of your body through a particular colours will work best for you. Have great shoulders? Choose tops/dresses that have a bright colour around the shoulders.
-Belts are one of the most important investments to create curves.It helps to give you shape.Thicker belts will work for you!
-If you have a flat chest,opt for shirts with ruffles.Lets play mind games, shall we?
-Chunky scarves suit your body shape.
-Pleated dresses & skirts will look great on someone who is tall & thin.

– Play around with different textures and patterns. This will add dimension to the outfit.
– If you’re on the skinnier side,it’s best to wear jewellery that are not too large.
-Wear tops that cinch write under your chest/waist.Will make your chest look bigger.
-Ruffles are your best friend.
-Chunky cardigans & cropped jackets will work best for you.
-Wear a lot of bracelets or bangles.
-Remember that opposites attract, so if you wear a loose shirt,opt for skinny jeans & vice versa.
-Wear structured dresses. Dresses with angular and structured necklines will suit women who are slender.

-If you feel that the size of your chest is bothering you a lot and you would like to enhance it, wear padded bras.The foundation to every outfit is the inner wear.Invest in good inner wear.

-Peplum dresses/tops will work best on your body type.

All you have to do is create curves.Belts,tops/dresses that cinch at your waist/under your chest,& good inner wear are your best bet!
It just takes a little effort to dress right .

Remember that we all have problem areas.But all we have to do is cover up the flaws and flaunt the plus points.

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