Most of us have a white shirt in our wardrobes.I personally prefer an oversized white shirt over shorter or fitted ones.These are a few steps on how i dress up my white shirt.As you might know, the tribal trend is big this season.I dislike saying “so and so trend is ‘BIG’ this season” but i do not know any other way to say it (Sorry!) . Well.. as we know, it’s quite easy to pull the tribal trend off in India as the tribal inspired jewellery and clothing are widely available here.All we need is jewellery from the streets and some Aztec printed shirts.
-Have paired this plain white shirt with a Tribal inspired BIB/Statement necklace.You can make this on your own (Google BIB necklace DIY tutorials) or purchase similar ones from Colaba causeway or Sarojini market(Delhi) .
– I layered it with a Denim shirt.This step is completely optional.It’s quite warm in Mumbai so i wouldn’t suggest you to do this often.But as you guys might know, i love layering.I am not a “Denim “person.But this denim shirt toughens up the look.Don’t you think?
-Wearing my favourite pair of Jeggings.
-You can always wear a Neon or a Bright lipstick to make the look more playful.I have skipped the eye makeup here. (I know i look sleepy!)
-I decided to wear wedges with this outfit.Gives you that extra height without making you feel uncomfortable.(Unless you’re comfortable wearing 6 inch heels on a day to day basis)
(For some reason, i look extremely tan in these photos.I do not know whether it’s the camera or the lighting.i have noticed that Neon nail paints make your fingers look extremely tan. )

(Shirt: Colaba Causeway, Denim jacket :Fashion street, Jeggings:Shoppers Stop,Wedges:Hill road , Bandra, BIB Necklace: Glamour Grammar,Lipstick : Femme by NYX ,Nail paint : “Shocking pink” by china glaze  )

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How would you wear your white shirt?

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