Well that isn’t the most creative title for the post , is it? This post is extremely random.In most of my blogposts, i never share much about my life or personal details .So just wanted to share a random posts semi-personal post? I have a weird habit of posting in “points” haha!
-I am going to be moving soon.That’s an update.Super excited about the new room πŸ˜€
-I have been working on an exciting project and when it’s up,i am sure you guys will be happy 
-i am staring at the wall now,thinking about creative and bigass words so that you guys feel that my writing skills are pretty neat .
-It’s weird how there are people reading my random posts here as i didn’t expect even 2 people to read it when i started off.Not that i have many people reading the post now..i don’t know.Are you reading it now?
– I donate my clothes to the people  at the local railway station every three months because it’s so interesting to see them pass by wearing your top and the kids wearing your tank top as a dress which you buy from hill road.(I am a tank top hoarder)

-I get teary-eyed when i laugh,even for the silliest of jokes.Hence a waterproof kajal & mascara is a must for me.
Here are some random photos,
-False eyelashes (Was getting ready for a party) .These lashes look extremely pretty on anyone and you can purchase similar ones form urbantouch.com.Of course false lashes are not for everyday use.You can wear it for important events/parties.
-Was just staring at a new ring i bought recently.Will be wearing it soon.(It looks like a depressed ring)
-Messy pile of jewellery i need to organize.
-Was organizing the nail paints