I live in Mumbai,India and  in this lovely country ,although we call it “winter”,there’s no snow fall,it’s not even that cold here.People from other countries pile up on knits and cardigans around this time.If you’re one of them,Lucky YOU! Nevertheless,i still wear Knits  during  the so called “winter time”,It gets a little cold.Okay talking about Fall/Winter,i have always loved Blazers and always will.Be it,summer or winter.As we all know,it’s a pain to find blazers.Even if we do,it costs a BOMB!(Rs.3000+).Not that pocket friendly ! Giasaysthat.com is going to be selling blazers.Pocket friendly? Yes!For all those girls, who were not able to find blazers at a reasonable price -Here’s the deal!Check HERE,to know more.

Blazer from :Shop-giasaysthat
Suede Brogues:Zara
Floral shirt:Topshop
Ring:Shop-giasaysthat(Old collection)
The Blazer is available at shop-giasaysthat