Samidha sharma from Street style India is a Full time Business Journalist and a Part time Fashion blogger.She loves eating chocolates when her stomach gurgles at 1am in the night .When you give her 10 minutes to get ready ,she  picks up a pair of jeans, white shirt, bright colored ballerinas, her Lancome foundation , Mac Kajal and keeps her hair left open or tied depending on how her hair is behaving.When you ask her about how she started “Streetstyle” she says “Started Street Style last year in January when I took a break from work for a while. It is basically a place/community for like minded people more women than men to exchange views on fashion. Although, I want to all inclusive and therefore, watch out I might have something for all those guys who keep asking me what I am doing for them.. I want to do much more, make this space more interactive but my work has 
been a bummer
                          Ask her to describe her style and she says “Sometimes laid back, sometimes sloppy but most of the times comfortable and smart. I am not much into accessories. I love vintage and indie. you will see a lot of this in my daily wear”.She swears by her three favourite hair products,that is –
Kerastase reflection bain miroir shampoo, Toni & Guy shine enhancer shampoo &conditioner, Toni & Guy finishing shine spray.She’s not that fond of feather hair extension and feels that top knot is the current trend she loves.She goes on” When I see 16 year olds today I feel they have had the luxury of wearing the best international brands unlike my generation which grew up in the 90’s. We treasured a Benetton and a Levi’s. I still remember this black
short corduroy skirt by Pierre Cardin my mom bought for me when I was 14. I was so thrilled. I guess today’s kids take all the plethora of choices around them for granted.” She says that she loves the thrift stores in Barcelona and Brooklyn,NY.Ebay is her complete favourite. She ends it with “According to me, being stylish is not about layering yourselves with oodles of stuff and trying hard to pile on everything you have in your wardrobe. Its about doing one thing differently in your entire outfit and you are all set to go!”

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