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So here goes her Review:
Hey Girls , Today I’m doing this review of my Make Up Forever HD Cream Blush for Gia and her blog 🙂

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Now , about review , I got this lovely blush in No:4 .. As MUFE is not available in Pakistan , so I got it from Dubai , my sister brought this for me … I don’t know for how much she bought it from there ..
I have lots of powder blushes , and one mousse blush too , but this is my first cream blush , and I am loving it for time being.

I love it comes with pump , so you know how much you want . At first , I pumped a bit more , and I got much amount , and it was hard for me to blend it on cheeks , then I started pumping slowly and carefully , and literally a small dot gives u that lovely pinkish flush 🙂

It’s the size of my index finger , but has much of amount so you can use for a long period. I got this in Fresh Pink shade number 4 , But now I am craving to get it in Coral color too , I am liking that color alot ..
For Asian skin tones , I think Coral is very gorgeous color .. For lighter skin tones , you can chose from shade 4 , 5 and 8 ..

Its texture is not liquid , not so creamy , it is slight thicker than a normal cream blush should be ..
I like this because my skin is oily and powder blush tends to fade away very fast from my cheeks 🙁 and so far I have not experienced fading with this blush .. I even spent 7 hours ( I guess ) with a single application ..

I use my finger tips to blend it well onto cheeks , I feel finger tips are best for blending this type of blush .. I did not get flawless blending when I used this with my blush brush ..


1. Huge range of colors
2. Lovely texture
3. Staying power is great
4. Size is small , you can carry it anywhere
5. No brush needed to apply as such

1. Not available in Pakistan
2. High priced
3. Difficult to blend , you may get clown type cheeks if not applied and blended perfectly

Hope you like my review 🙂
Do leave comments to let me know how you feel about this blush ? how many of you have tried this before ?

Love ,