Hi everyone 😀
I recently got this Elf healthy glow bronzing powder in WARM TAN.
First of all, ELF makeup is available on their site for as cheap as $1.
But i got it for Rs. 280
Blame it on Curiosity.
It comes in this tiny little flat container- worth about Rs 150.It says “Made in china”
When i read that, i was pretty shocked.Honestly,In india we get so many products that are made in China.but we all are so skeptical about buying it.
Elf being such a big brand now or maybe a budget brand itself sells chinese products.
You can find super cheap Chinese makeup on ebay 🙂
But if you want a product by elf which charges a heavy shipping till India, it’s your choice.
I would like to mention that, there are so many products in the market which are from China.
According to me , many products are famous, just because of the HYPE.
Trust me, you will find an extremely amazing product which is from china or korea.
[I am referring to makeup here]
Okay so there was this rumour about coastal scent palletes being exactly similar to that of these chinese makeup sellers selling such palletes on ebay for half the price.Some people also found the colours to be exactly similar.I don’t know whether it’s true though.
So the main point here is that,
Some companies, Produce makeup in china-because Labour is dirt cheap in china and produce makeup products there and then they print their company name on it and sell it for double the price.
You just have to be very careful when wasting your money on such products.
Don’t go by the brand name 🙂

Now lets get back to the Review,
Elf Healthy glow bronzing powder is pretty good.Does it job like any other bronzer.Stays for about 4-5hrs?
Warm tan is sort of dark for me, i like lighter shades more.
They have about 4 shades i guess?

You can get elf products in Mumbai-
Check Beauty fair in Chembur
There’s this store near Pali naka in bandra
Check Beauty centre too, not sure
There’s this store in bandra linkin road which sells it.
if you want further details and if you’re desperately looking for Elf products please inbox me on Facebook or you can email me 🙂