hi everyone 🙂

Okay so today i am going to be talking about the Super cheap brush set i got.I got it for Rs.95[indian rupees] around $2 Pretty cheap right?
I am just starting off with makeup , so i wanted to know whether i am a “Makeup ” person or not.So these brushes are just to Experiment ,Why waste your money , when you’re just going to experiment?
I wont really advice you to get them if you’re looking for super high end, super soft and professional brushes, because this is nothing near that.It does an OKAY job.If you’re not looking for being a Makeup artist , you can try these.
These are made in China,pretty obvious 🙂
I like chinese products because they’re super cheap and “Use and throw” type of products .
Now if you ask me where i got it from,it’s of no use.
Because you get such brushes everywhere and there is no particular brand 🙂

The brushes came in a thick plastic zip bag with snowflake designs on them and the brand name written on it.
Here are the pictures 😀

This one is by VEGA- it’s for around $1 or 2 ? That is around Rs.60 or something near that.